Retrospillmessen: Utvikleren Bikini Pig kommer for å vise frem spillprosjektet sitt Genetrix

En ny stand er klar for Retrospillmessen. Her kan du prøve Oculus Rift og spillet Genetrix.


Nok en spennende stand er klar for Retrospillmessen. Det norske firmaet Bikini Pig som driver med spillutvikling kommer for å vise frem spillet sitt. Spillet heter Genetrix og er et multiplayer-spill som tilsynelatende skal foregå oppe i verdensrommet. Dette spillet er utviklet til å spilles med Virtual Reality-brillene Oculus Rift. På denne standen vil besøkende av messen kunne teste både Oculus Rift i seg selv og spillet Genetrix.

Her er litt mer informasjon om spillet fra de norske utviklerene:

Genetrix is a large scale multi-player, match-based game set in spaceships supporting up to
34 players in the largest game-mode. High-paced action is key between the different fighter-
crafts players can choose from, with an over-arching “Commander” element of real time strategy
for one select player on each team, similar to games like Natural Selection and Nuclear Dawn.
Players will learn how to best use the 5 different classes ships, each slightly different for the two
opposing sides.

Shiptypes that will be available:

The tank is a heavy hitting slow boat of a ship. It uses homing missiles as its primary weapon
locking onto a target and sending up to 6 missiles after him. His heat sink can lead any weapon
that uses heat for tracking to his more heavily armored front.

The scout is fast and extremely damaging, it gets in close with its insane speed, and than tears
an enemy ship to shreds with its Vulcan Cannon. Than for a quick getaway he uses his mines
which when a ship enters a certain radius around it will chase him down and explode.

The assault ship is the majority of either factions army the assault ship is the jack of all trades
type. It can get in and out of fights with ease and destroy anything with its Blasters. The long
range cannon is perfect for weakening something before it get in range of the blasters, or for
taking down a fleeing enemy.

The Logic ship is the thinking mans ship it performs many duties to benefit the rest of the team.
Emitting a radar field any enemy ship that gets in range is shown to all allies. Its Sabotage Laser
will have a different effect depending on the ship it is used on. Its weapon is a mini pylon that it
shoots out into space in front of it, this pylon emits a radius of certain ship debilitating effects.

The Mothership is the main life-force for any attacking flotilla. It acts as a mobile spawn-point for
any ship and is the center of command for the Commander. This means that he can give general
orders to other players to direct the flow of battle accordingly. It has an aura that benefits any ship
near it, and can launch beacons that can give off the same auras at a coordinate in space of its
choosing. It also has it’s own weapon, shield and engine system that can be adjusted during play
to fit the commander’s needs at any given point. An example would be if the commander wants to
transfer maximum power to shields or weapons, this feature allows him to do just that.

Players will be set into first person perspective for both fighter pilots and the two commanders.
On top of this we are adding Oculus Rift support for both types of players, and so the achievement
by us developers is to having designed a blueprint for how to use the Oculus Rift in any Real Time
Strategy game.





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